Conference summarizing the "Together we change Przemyśl" project

Last Tuesday, April 23, in the auditorium of the Przemyśl Center for Culture and Science ZAMEK, a conference summarizing the project "Together we change Przemyśl" was held.

logos of Norwegian funds and the coat of arms of Przemyśl

The project "Together we are changing Przemyśl" was implemented as part of the Local Development Program and co-financed in 85% by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and in 15% from the state budget.

Head of the Department of Development, Investment and Development Strategy Beata Bielecka and President Wojciech Bakun on stage

The summarizing conference was, of course, started by the Mayor of the City, Wojciech Bakun, who introduced the participants to the assumptions of our project "Together We Change Przemyśl" and presented its most important effects.

Our guests included: Kamil Wieder – Head of the Department in the Department of Aid Programs at the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, who presented a short summary of the entire "Local Development" Program - Did cities take advantage of the opportunity for development?

Speech by one of the participants 

Tomasz Potkański, Deputy Director of the Association of Polish Cities, coordinator of the Predefined Project, discussed the "Local Development" project in terms of piloting solutions for small and medium-sized cities at risk of crisis.

Tomasz Potkański, Deputy Director of the Association of Polish Cities, coordinator of the Predefined Project

It was also time to present the effects of specific projects of the "Together We Change Przemyśl" project; the conference participants were presented by:

  • Dr. Sławomir Solecki, Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation of PANS - The role of universities in the development processes of medium-sized cities marked by a structural crisis;
  • Tomasz Bandrowicz, Teacher of SOSW No. 1 in Przemyśl - "Bocce" - a path to social reintegration of students with intellectual disabilities;

Boccedrome during the opening of the court

  • Agnieszka Muzyczka, President of the Management Board of PARR S.A. - The role of the Przemyśl Regional Development Agency in supporting the socio-economic development of the City of Przemyśl on the example of project activities;
  • Robert Gawlik, President's Plenipotentiary for Non-Governmental Organizations - From participation to actual inclusion of residents, which we managed to achieve in the project;

LOGO of the Activation Center on the window

Beata Bielecka, Head of the Department of Development, Investments and External Funds, talked about the flagship project "Together We Change Przemyśl", i.e. the Command Center - Przemyśl Fortress and 10 years of the project's history;

The pavilion building before renovation

Command Center - Przemyśl Fortress after renovation

The conference presentations were supplemented by:

  • Grzegorz Godziek, Advisor to the Association of Polish Cities - Project "Together we change Przemyśl" through the prism of OECD recommendations;
  • Adam Cichocki, BRAD Management Consulting – Effective office, experience from the multi-threaded process of supporting the institutional development of the Municipal Office in Przemyśl;

Participants - conference speakers at the presidential table

The Local Development Program is intended to support cities in the most difficult socio-economic situation in developing and implementing a sustainable approach to local development and thus limiting negative development phenomena.

The "Together we change Przemyśl" project includes 27 basic projects, including: 20 in the Local Development Plan and 7 in the Institutional Development Plan.

Total value of eligible costs: PLN 15,635,451.56.

As part of the "Together we change Przemyśl" project, a number of investment activities were carried out: including:

  • "Przemyśl Fortress Command Center" - construction was completed and the so-called pavilion on the Ski Slope,
  • Social Activation Center in a tenement house at Słowackiego 13 - a place of meetings, training and counseling for members of non-governmental organizations operating in Przemyśl,
  • bocce court - outdoor court with a covered shelter at SOSW No. 1,
  • the square at was developed. Ratuszowa Str.,
  • two backyards were developed in cooperation with the residents: located between Władycze Str. and Osińskich Str., and located between Krasińskiego and Traugutt streets

Additionally, the project included: olympiads and sports competitions for children/young people with intellectual disabilities; two editions of the historical and reconstruction festival; workshops/training for office employees.

The project was implemented by the Municipality of Przemyśl in partnership with the Przemyśl Regional Development Agency and the State Academy of Applied Sciences in Przemyśl.

A group photo of the participants on the stage of the Kazimierzowski Castle

Published by: Witold Wołczyk Publication date: 25-04-2024 14:28