The second stop on the Przemyśl Fortress Murals Trail is located at Chrobrego Street

Bolesława Chrobrego 58 Street is the address where you will find the second mural on the Przemyśl Fortress Mural Trail. The painting, like the first one, was made by Eliasz Dyrow. Work on the work has only just been completed, so instead of traditional opening speeches, the invited guests symbolically left a mark in the form of a few brush strokes during the unveiling on April 4.



The figure of the Hungarian general of the 23rd Infantry Division, Arpád Tamásy von Fogarasn, who defended the Przemyśl fortress during the Second Siege, is immortalized on the façade of the tenement house. The ceremonial unveiling of the mural was performed by Tibor Gerencsér, Consul General of Hungary, Wojciech Bakun, President of the City of Przemyśl, Mirosław Majkowski, Chairman of the Management Board of the Association of Fortress Communes of the Przemyśl Fortress, Karolina Cynkar, head of the office of the Association of Fortress Communes of the Przemyśl Fortress, and the artist, creator of the mural, Eliasz Dyrow.

Consul General of Hungary at the mural


Mural on a tenement house at ul. B. Chrobrego 58 was built as part of the project called “CONCORDIA. Identity, heritage, dialogue, integration of Przemyśl" implemented as part of the "Together We Change Przemyśl" project co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2012-2021, one of the elements of which is the creation of the "Przemyśl Fortress Mural Trail". Another mural is planned as part of the trail, at street Rzeczna 10.

close-up of a fragment of the mural

mural and a view of the entire tenement house where it is located

Text and photos: Witold Wołczyk

Published by: Witold Wołczyk Publication date: 05-04-2024 11:27