The first painting on the "Przemyśl Fortress Mural Trail" unveiled

March 27 this year A short ceremony took place to unveil the first of three murals marking the "Mural Trail of the Przemyśl Fortress", the aim of which is to remind about the diversity and heritage of our city, and by showing multiculturalism, to give an impulse to build a society of dialogue, openness and social integration. The first mural depicting a praying resident of Przemyśl of the Jewish faith symbolizes the entire Jewish community that once inhabited our city in such large numbers.


A view from the other side of the street of a mural depicting a praying Jew

You will see the mural while walking along J. Słowackiego Street, on the wall of the tenement house at number 29.

- These murals are a desire to tell, inspire and intrigue residents with the history of our city. Reading the first discussions about this mural, you can already see that it does not leave anyone indifferent - it is very good that people ask: "Why such a figure?", "And who is it?", "And why is it related to the Przemyśl Fortress?" . This is how we want to inspire, because there is really something to discover in our history," said President Wojciech Bakun at the unveiling of the mural.

Participants of the unveiling: President Wojciech Bakun, artist - creator of the mural Eliasz Dyrow and Chairman of the Association of Fortress Communes Mirosław Majkowski

The originator of the trail is the Chairman of the Association of Fortress Communes and a Councilor of the City Council in Przemyśl, Mirosław Majkowski. He also explained the inspiration behind the creation of the trail:

- "The Trail of Murals of the Przemyśl Fortress" does not mean that each mural must be associated with forts or soldiers, but it may be associated with the civilian population who remained in Przemyśl during the siege of the Fortress and suffered from hunger and diseases. We remember that about 30,000 of them remained in the besieged Fortress. We are on Słowackiego Street, leading to the Jewish cemetery, where soldiers of Jewish origin who fell or died from wounds were buried. They rest there to this day.

Speaker: Mirosław Majkowski, Chairman of the Association of Fortress Communes

The author of this and other murals is the Yaroslavl artist Eliasz Dyrow:

- About 30% of the inhabitants of Przemyśl were Jews before the war - now they are gone. We can, and in fact we must, remember that they are part of the history of this city, contributing to the development of social, cultural and economic life, and now it's as if everything has evaporated, it shouldn't be like that! My painting is the figure of a Jew who is depicted in a prayer covering that has not changed for 5,000 years, as it was recorded in the Book of Deuteronomy. I was wondering how to present this character, there were various ideas. However, I wanted the mural to have colors, life, energy and joy, and at the same time arouse respect and interest in Jewish culture - said the artist about his inspirations.

Participants of the unveiling: President Wojciech Bakun, artist - creator of the mural Eliasz Dyrow and Chairman of the Association of Fortress Communes Mirosław Majkowski

Already on April 4 this year. The second mural will be unveiled at ul. B. Chrobrego 58.

This project is implemented as part of the project titled: “CONCORDIA. Identity, heritage, dialogue, integration of Przemyśl" implemented as part of the "Together We Change Przemyśl" project co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2012-2021, one of the elements of which is the creation of the "Przemyśl Fortress Mural Trail".

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