We return to the idea of ​​expanding the city limits

One of the next projects undertaken by our local government as part of the "Together We Change Przemyśl" project are activities aimed at developing concepts and recommendations for the process of changing the borders of Przemyśl, i.e. expanding the city area. We started with the first of seven workshops, which took place on February 16 at the Przemyśl Public Library. Its participants were the management staff of the Przemyśl Municipal Office.


These workshops and subsequent ones are conducted by the  Centrum Badań Terenowych Radosław Meissner, experienced in marketing and social research.

Mayor Wojciech Bakun spoke about his expectations and the goal behind the implementation of the idea called "Przemyśl City of the Future" during the opening of the meeting. He recalled that we had been planning to expand the borders for several years, but the coronavirus pandemic and then the war in Ukraine got in the way:

- We return to the topic of expanding the boundaries in a professional way, because we do not want to do it by force. What we are starting today are very extensive public consultations, conversations with the inhabitants of the city and surrounding villages. We will treat this topic as a priority for our city in the near future. We must strive to expand the city's boundaries - we are hampered by the lack of investment areas, and we want to convince the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and communes that if the city stagnates and does not develop, they will also have a problem. Przemyśl, as a subregional center, is a center of work and education for the surrounding areas, so we should all care about its development.


The several-hour meeting, led by the company's expert Magdalena Stefańska, was devoted primarily to collecting information and analyzing it, which will be used to develop a strategy for subsequent actions:

- We do not consult specific documents with residents - the time for this will come during the actual process of expanding the borders - but we collect their opinions and ideas and determine their needs. There will be seven meetings like today's, both with the inhabitants of Przemyśl and the surrounding villages. We will also conduct additional surveys among them. A report and recommendations prepared on this basis, which will be the basis for subsequent steps.

During the workshops, it was also recalled how formal the process and decisions regarding changing borders are, in accordance with the Act on Municipal Self-Government. This process was analyzed on the basis of positive, successful actions of Zielona Góra and Rzeszów. In particular, the example of a city located in the Lubuskie Voivodeship shows the importance of solutions aimed at merging municipalities developed together with residents and meeting their expectations, such as the Integration Fund - money intended for investments in a rural commune, or the Zielona Góra Contract specifying the city's obligations after the merger and use of the 5% personal tax bonus for voluntary merger.


More meetings will follow soon - we are counting on the great involvement of both the inhabitants of Przemyśl and the inhabitants of the Przemyśl commune, which will allow us to work together to develop the best and most beneficial solutions for changing the borders of Przemyśl.


Przemyśl City of the Future (non-investment part) is an element of the project: "Together We Change Przemyśl" financed from external funds, 85% from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 and 15% from the state budget under the Local Development program.

Published by: Witold Wołczyk Publication date: 22-02-2024 14:47