We talked about the exhibition of the Przemyśl Fortress Command Center

On February 1, a meeting of the Mayor of Przemyśl, Wojciech Bakun, and representatives of the Krakow company New Amsterdam took place at the seat of the Municipal Office in Przemyśl. They presented the visual identification system of the Przemyśl Fortress Command Center.

In addition to employees of the local Office and representatives of the Krakow company, the meeting was attended by employees of the National Museum of the Przemyśl Land and the Association of Fortress Communes. The topics of the talks included: the visual identification system was discussed - including: exhibition logo, templates for analog elements, application screens. Elements related to the voiceover and holographic presentation were also presented.


The Command Center will be built in the so-called pavilion by the ski slope and will offer services to those who want to visit the Przemyśl Fortress and learn about its history, presenting the period of the Great War. The project aims to use the tourist potential of the city of Przemyśl Fortress. The comprehensive development concept of the "Zowanie" Hill will influence the development of the tourism industry. It will become an innovative museum solution that will also serve as a comprehensive base for tourist traffic, which will influence the economic development of Przemyśl based on the tourism industry and will result in the development of the hotel, catering and service industries.

The Command Center - Przemyśl Fortress project (non-investment part) is an element of the project: "Together We Change Przemyśl" financed from external funds, 85% from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 and 15% from the budget countries under the Local Development program.

Published by: Witold Wołczyk Publication date: 16-02-2024 13:27