The new Przemyśl brand strategy has been adopted

We are pleased to inform you that on January 26, 2024, at the CXXII Session of the City Council in Przemyśl, councilors resolved to adopt the document entitled: "Przemyśl Brand and Marketing Communication Strategy for 2024-2030". The new Przemyśl brand strategy is based on the idea of ​​an open stage - a scene of culture, social change, economy and tourist experiences. We want Przemyśl to be not only a place to visit, but also a place where culture, history, modernity and community combine in a harmonious way, creating unique experiences for residents and tourists.

Program logo, city coat of arms and program name: Together We Change Przemyśl financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014 - 2021 under the Local Development Program

Przemyśl as an open stage

Przemyśl as an "open stage" is a place where everyone has a voice and can be both a creator and a participant in the life of the city. It is a city of living, dynamic and accessible culture that promotes innovation, creativity and openness to new ideas and experiences.

  • The stage for creating and implementing a vision

Przemyśl wants to be a place that offers a sense of creative freedom. The city opens up to the initiatives of residents and creators, supporting their activities and ideas.

  • A scene of activity and engagement

The city wants residents to feel belonging and proud to be part of the local community. The voice of each resident is important in shaping the city's image - this makes residents an integral part of the brand building process.

  • A scene of history and authenticity

For tourists, the city wants to offer authentic and sustainable tourism experiences that meet the needs of those who are looking for opportunities to travel responsibly and want to explore cultural heritage in a sustainable way.

Presentation of the Brand Strategy at the City Council session

Przemyśl as a city with aspirations

Przemyśl is a place with a rich history, but also a city that looks to the future with optimism and determination and has something important to say about the future. Przemyśl aspires to be a city that offers sustainable tourist experiences, promotes active community integration and encourages creative adaptation in the face of changing circumstances.

The vision of the new brand is to transform Przemyśl into a place where tradition meets modernity and where residents feel proud of belonging to their city.

A city where history lives

Przemyśl is to exude a style that will harmoniously combine tradition and modernity - it should approach its rich history and heritage with deep respect, but also be open to innovation and boldly look to the future.

The city is not only monuments and museums, but above all, people, their stories and experiences that shape its identity. Przemyśl, as an open stage, focuses on interaction, dialogue and exchange of ideas - it allows you to discover its wealth in a direct and authentic way.

What will Przemyśl be like in the future?

We want Przemyśl to be perceived not only as a place with a rich historical heritage, but also as a city open to the future, which actively supports its community, promotes local talents and attracts investors and tourists from all over the world.

The new brand and marketing communication strategy of Przemyśl assumes three strategic goals:

  • building a new image of the Przemyśl brand (taking Przemyśl to a high national and European position among historical cities with a rich tourist offer; building associations linking Przemyśl with sustainable, cultural and active tourism; promoting Przemyśl as a place open to young creators, artists and innovators, which will enrich the offer cultural city)

  • improving the quality and availability of tourist experiences and products (creating and building brand recognition of local products; developing innovative tourist and cultural products that will attract various groups of tourists and enrich the city's offer)

  • improving cooperation in the field of marketing communication of Przemyśl (improving the effectiveness of cooperation between activists for the development of tourism in Przemyśl and the region; increasing the involvement of the local community in promotional and cultural activities; improving the management structure of the city's promotion and ensuring coherence of promotional activities).

Przemyśl of the future is a city:

  • authentic – true, honest and proud of who he is
  • open to dialogue, cooperation, ideas and cultures
  • engaged in activities for the common good
  • inspiring, encouraging to take the initiative, discover and create
  • responsible for their actions towards the community, environment and cultural heritage
  • dynamic and flexible, ready to adapt and innovate.

Presentation of the Brand Strategy at the City Council session

The strategy was implemented as part of the "Together We Change Przemyśl" project under the "Local Development Program" financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014–2021 and the state budget.

The concept of the new brand and communication strategy of Przemyśl was developed by the Lublin company Synergia sp. z o.o. ( in cooperation with the Department of Promotion and Culture of the City of Przemyśl.

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