The importance of research in university management and cooperation with employers - Seminar summarizing the participation of PANS in Przemyśl in the Norwegian project TOGETHER WE CHANGE PRZEMYŚL

The development of cooperation between a public vocational university and the employer community in terms of adapting the offer of existing and planned fields of study to the needs of the economy and the labor market on the example of PANS in Przemyśl was the main topic of a seminar organized on 12 December 2023 at the State University of Applied Sciences in Przemyśl. The seminar was the final event in the implementation of the partnership project 'Together we change Przemyśl'. The project was funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and the state budget. 

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The meeting was moderated by Dr Slawomir Solecki, Vice-rector for Development and Cooperation at PANS, who welcomed all participants, including. : representatives of the leader of the project "Together we change Przemyśl" Ms. Beata Bielecka, who is the Head of the Department of Development, Investments and External Funds of the Municipal Office in Przemyśl, a representative of the Przemyśl county in the person of Mr. Jerzy Góralewicz, representatives of labor market institutions such as Director of the Labor Office in Przemyśl - Ms. Iwona Kurcz-Krawiec, as well as directors of medical and health care institutions, directors of high schools, representatives of non-governmental organizations, employers, representatives of the management of PANS teaching units.

Meeting participants in the room

The moderator then introduced the seminar by characterizing the goals of the project "Together we change Przemyśl", which are related to counteracting unfavorable phenomena affecting Przemyśl, such as negative migration balance and outflow of young people, and then showing the scope of activities carried out by PANS. Dr S. Solecki emphasized that the seminar is a form of summary of the third activity carried out as part of the aforementioned project, apart from the previously completed activities supporting and promoting the fields of study related to computer science and security. Thanks to the launch of a research and analysis laboratory of the social and economic environment under the Norwegian project, PANS has acquired empirical knowledge based on reliable and up-to-date data from various stakeholder groups. The results of the research will help the University adjust its educational offer to the requirements of the contemporary economy and labor market. Finally,
Dr S. Solecki thanked all the people involved in the implementation of project activities, including
Ms. Beata Bielecka, as well as his colleagues, Ms. Małgorzata Wałczyńska-Gancarz - Head of the PANS Development and Cooperation Department and Dr Wojciech Broszkiewicz - an expert carrying out research on behalf of the University.

Seminar participants and the Rector of PANS

Prof. Paweł Trefler, Rector of PANS officially opened the meeting.  The presence of the Rector underlined the importance of project undertakings and the priority of the State University of Applied Sciences' involvement in the development of cooperation with the social and economic environment.

In the analytical part of the seminar, Dr Wojciech Broszkiewicz presented the results of the research which presented the aspirations and educational plans of high school pupils, the perception of PANS in Przemyśl by teachers and headmasters of high schools, and employers' expectations of candidates for employment. The results of the quantitative and qualitative research showed that more than half of the pupils are interested in continuing their education and combining it with work. Among the surveyed teachers, positive opinions about the educational offer of the University prevailed, while according to employers, PANS in Przemyśl graduates meet the expectations placed on candidates for employment.

Dr. Solecki introducing the panel

The second part of the seminar featured two important panel discussions. The first, entitled 'Cooperation of the PANS Institute of Technical Sciences in Przemyśl with the employer community', focused on the adaptation of the educational offer to the needs of the economy and the labor market, with particular emphasis on the engineering faculties of mechatronics and food safety and production. The panel was attended by representatives of renowned companies and institutions: Ms. Luiza Powąska, CEO of “POLNA S.A.”, Mr. Wit Więch, CEO of “Elderbit”., Mr. Przemysław Bolanowski representing “FANINA S.A.”, Mr. Piotr Aksamit, director of the Przemyśl branch of CASTORAMA, and Dr Adam Woś, lecturer of mechatronics. The discussion focused on the prospects for the development of the local economy and the labor market for young people. Issues concerning effective cooperation between the public vocational university and entrepreneurs were also raised. The speakers pointed out which social competences and skills are the most important for employers seeking candidates for employment and should necessarily be developed in students - as part of their education at PANS.

Panelists during the conversation

The second panel, entitled 'Cooperation of the PANS Institute of Health Care in Przemyśl with the employer community', focused on the adaptation of the educational offer of medical and health care faculties to the needs of contemporary society. The panel was attended by key representatives of educational institutions and specialized staff in the medical professions: Ms. Barbara Stawarz – the Director of the Hospital in Przemyśl, Ms. Marzanna Pelc - Chairperson of the Podkarpackie Regional Council of Nurses and Midwives in Przeworsk, Ms. Jolanta Karpińska-Ciuba – Director of the Medical-Social Centre for Vocational and Continuing Education in Przemyśl, Ms. Joanna Nowak-Mierzwa - Superior of Nurses at the Hospital in Przemyśl, Renata Wysocka - main nurse in the CARITAS Care and Treatment Centre in Przemyśl, and Dr Bożena Majchrowicz – Director of PANS Institute of Health Care. The discussion centered on the cooperation between the University and the medical institutions and their involvement in the process of improving education in the nursing profession, as well as the need and forms of verification of candidates interested in pursuing medical professions.

Both panel discussions provided valuable insights and proposals, creating a platform for further actions that will support the professional preparation of PANS trainees, as well as the adaptation of the educational process to the dynamically changing needs of society and the economy.

The project "PANS Environmental Research and Analysis Laboratory in Przemyśl" is carried out as part of the project entitled "Together We Change Przemyśl" financed from external funds, 85% from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 and 15% from the state budget under the Local Development program.

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