The 2nd edition of the "Przemyślany pomysł na biznes" competition has ended!

At the Przemyśl Incubator of Entrepreneurship and Innovation on December 8 this year. The ceremonial announcement of the results and awarding of prizes in the 2nd edition of the "Przemyślany pomysł na biznes" ("THOUGHTFUL business idea") competition took place. The competition was addressed to secondary school students from the city of Przemyśl. Business plans were prepared in teams of two. As part of the competition for PARR S.A. 15 business plans were submitted and assessed by an appointed expert committee.

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President of PARR S.A. announces the results of the competition

The competition results were announced by the President of the Management Board of Przemyśl Regional Development Agency S.A. Agnieszka Muzyczka, and presented attractive prizes (1st place - Laptops, 2nd place - Tablets, 3rd place - Smartphones) together with the Deputy Mayor of the city, Bogusław Świeży. The organizers emphasized that the competition committee was impressed by the professionalism and high level of the business plans prepared by the young people. And here are the results:


  • Second place was taken by students of  Technikum Nr 1 w Przemyślu (Technical Secondary School No. 1 in Przemyśl) for their business plan titled: "CzysteKroki P.S.A.",



The committee also decided to award three teams representing the II LO Przemyśl im. K. Morawskiego w Przemyślu Tthe Second general secondary school of Przemyśl for their original idea for business plans:

  • „Chatki pod Tatarskim Wzgórzem”, 
  • „Misia Chata”, 
  • „Łowcy skarbów. Escape Room”.


The distinguished teams received XIAOMI Mi Band 8 smartbands, sponsored by:

Addressing the awarded and distinguished teams, Deputy Mayor of the city, Bogusław Świeży said:

- What is most important in business? The most important thing is courage, finding your own idea, and it is especially important to determine the risk - because even the best business idea without defining the risk is a business that will not be realized. What do the results of this competition show? Something that is innovative, something different, allows you to find your niche and develop your business. If we copy someone else's idea, it doesn't always work out.


President of PARR S.A. announced that although the second edition is the last one as part of the "Together We Change Przemyśl" project, the popularity and interest in the competition encourages the company to continue the idea beyond the project and the invitation to participate will be addressed to secondary school students next year.

"Przemyślany pomysł na biznes" competition is part of the project called "Entrepreneurial Przemyśl" implemented as part of the project: "Together We Change Przemyśl" financed from external funds, 85% from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 and 15% from the budget countries under the Local Development program.

text and photos: Witold Wołczyk

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