Can CAS become an example for Tomaszów Lubelski?

We recently informed about the launch in October this year. Social Activation Center, which operates in the premises at Słowacki 13 street. This is also one of the projects implemented as part of the "Together We Change Przemyśl" project and financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the state budget. The project, which was intended to focus the activities of Przemyśl NGOs, has already attracted the attention of the first local governments and non-governmental organizations in other cities!

Program logo, city coat of arms and program name: Together We Change Przemyśl financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014 - 2021 under the Local Development Program

On November 28, our city was visited by a group of local government officials and senior communities operating in Tomaszów Lubelski.

- The main goal of the study visit was to establish direct contact with integrated communities operating in the area of ​​senior policy of the city of Przemyśl and to exchange experiences in this area - summarized the guests from Tomaszów on their social media.

The LTM - Lubię To Miasto (I Like This Town) Association, together with the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Tomaszów Lubelski, with the support of the Senior Council and the City Mayor, is implementing a project called "Seniors, change your city!". The program aims to create a coherent and comprehensive policy for Seniors by Seniors. "The project is co-financed by the government's multi-annual program for the elderly "Aktywni+" for 2021-2025." The visit to Przemyśl allowed the participants to have a conversation that may help in implementing this initiative.

Meeting with the Tomaszów delegation in the meeting room

It is worth adding that the members of the Tomaszów delegation included: Monika Pikuła, Chairwoman of the Tomaszów Lubelski City Council, Renata Miziuk, Vice-Mayor of Tomaszów Lubelski, Urszula Kochanowska-Szałapska, Deputy Chairman of the Senior Council in Tomaszów Lubelski, Mirosław Fus, Director of the Sports and Recreation Center in Tomaszów Lubelski, Adam Skorniewski Director of the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Tomaszów Lubelski.

Meeting with the Tomaszów delegation in the meeting room

Guests from Tomaszów Lubelski met in the City Hall meeting room with City Secretary Dariusz Łapa, Head of the Department of Communication, Transport and Roads Janusz Łukasiewicz - who, having family ties with Tomaszów, helped a lot in organizing the visit - as well as Director of the Municipal Social Welfare Center Piotr Hryniszyn, Secretary of Przemyska Council of Seniors Zbigniew Zembrzuski and Ewa Skrzyszowska - Member of the Przemyśl Council of Seniors of the 3rd term, Anna Hayder - Chairwoman of the Przemyśl Council of Seniors of the 2nd term and Sylwia Góral - from the Department of Social Affairs of the Municipal Office. The necessary knowledge about the activities of the Center for Social Activation in Przemyśl at the CAS headquarters was, of course, provided by the President's Plenipotentiary for Non-Governmental Organizations, Robert Gawlik, who accompanied the guests almost constantly. Vice-President Bogusław Świeży also met the delegation for a moment during its visit to the Municipal Social Welfare Center.

A commemorative group photo at the Municipal Social Welfare Center

The entire group was interested not only in the activities and plans of CAS and the Przemyśl MOPS (Municipal Social Welfare Center), but was also impressed by the Underground Tourist Route.

Let us remind you that the Social Activation Center is not only a 120-square-meter premises located in a tenement house at ul. J. Słowackiego 13, but also the entire range of services that it will offer to Przemyśl NGOs, from training in obtaining financing and its settlement, through legal advice, to other activities that will be needed by the organizations. CAS will provide support for newly established associations, consultations and coaching.


The Social Activation Center project (investment part) is an element of the project: "Together We Change Przemyśl" financed from external funds, 85% from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 and 15% from the state budget under the Local Development program.

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