Przemyśl is enterprising - students run virtual companies

logotypes of the project Together We Change Przemyśl

Thanks to the support from the European Economic Area funds and national budget, our city is actively advancing the "Together We Change Przemyśl" project. One of its significant components is the third edition of the initiative "Przemyśl is ENTERprising," generating considerable interest among students from seven secondary schools in Przemyśl.


During these sessions, students participate in an engaging business simulation, utilizing cutting-edge software. This software allows virtual companies to mirror real market conditions, providing not only great fun and competition but, more importantly, invaluable educational experiences.

Trainers and teachers, specially prepared for this project, act as guides, teaching the youth not only how to effectively manage a virtual business but also providing valuable insights into entrepreneurship. These actions support the development of planning, business management, and project management skills.

Business Simulation Workshops offer participants the opportunity to make real business decisions, such as creating job positions, hiring employees, determining salaries, and investing in advertising. This practical experience develops essential skills for functioning in the business world.

The "Przemyśl is ENTERprising" project is not just great fun but also an investment in the future of younger generations. Implemented as part of the "Together We Change Przemyśl" project, co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the national budget, it represents a significant step towards local development.

Thanks to this initiative, young people gain practical skills that will be useful not only in school but also in their future professional careers. The "Together We Change Przemyśl" project continues its mission to support local development, bringing together the community and shaping an entrepreneurial spirit in the Przemyśl region.

Published by: Rafał Porada Publication date: 14-11-2023 07:32 Modified by: Rafał Porada Modified date: 14-11-2023 07:32