Przemyśl – power of dignity or open stage?

On June 21, 2023, at 5 p.m., another, fourth consultation meeting took place as part of work on the Przemyśl brand, led by Michał Basiński from the Lublin company Synergia (website: Synergia), responsible for preparing the brand strategy.

Program logo, city coat of arms and program name: Together We Change Przemyśl financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014 - 2021 under the Local Development Program

At this stage, we discuss two outlines of the concept of the main idea of ​​the brand, which have been initially defined as: "the power of dignity" and "open stage".

A photo from the meeting in the Office's meeting room

These were some of the opinions of meeting participants regarding these concepts.

  • The concept of "dignity" is difficult to imagine. The "scene" is definitely wider, more tangible and will also include ideas related to "dignity".
  • To be authentic, the "power of dignity" would have to involve a huge mental change in the entire society. The concept of dignity is a bit pompous, stiff, unmodest and can be off-putting. Personally, I wouldn't come to a "decent city".
  • I wouldn't want the city's brand to be based on something dramatic or tragic. Even though dignity itself is a great value, it is most often associated with situations in which you have to fight for it because it is not respected, and these are not positive associations.
  • During the war, Przemyśl finally became a stage where important historical events took place and continue to take place - it also behaved with dignity, so it is clear that both ideas can be combined with each other.
  • Culture educates, so an "open stage" can be a bridge between "culture" and "dignity".
  • Life in the city is a relay race between generations. An open stage is something that we can pass on to subsequent generations of Przemyśl residents: "we are leaving an open stage for you - play on it."
  • The "open stage" will definitely give us external audiences, the dignity is less touristy.
  • Przemyśl needs a fresh look, something new, and, above all, to complete the activities, i.e. implement the concept that will ultimately be selected.

A photo from the meeting in the Office's meeting room

Reports from previous meetings are available on our website:

A photo from the meeting in the Office's meeting room

The Przemyśl Brand and Marketing Communication Strategy for 2024-2030 project is an element of the project: "Together We Change Przemyśl" financed from external funds, 85% from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 and 15% from the state budget under the Development program Local.

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