Przemyśl is VERY enterprising ( Przemyśl jest PRZE!-dsiębiorczy)

Undertaking name::
Przemyśl is VERY enterprising ( Przemyśl jest PRZE!-dsiębiorczy)
Project Description:

The aim of the project will be to educate secondary school students in starting and running their own business, thus giving them the opportunity to remain on the local employment market. Using the educational game Business Simulations, students will make real business decisions and manage virtual enterprises, including: creating jobs, hiring employees, setting salaries, purchasing equipment, investing, and creating pricing strategies.

In connection with the implementation of this project, students from 7 secondary schools in the city of Przemyśl will take part in the educational game Business Simulations. Two editions are planned in each school. Each school will receive equipment in the form of laptops and access to licensed online software that allows it to run a virtual enterprise. Each participant will also receive teaching packages, which will include aids such as notebooks, lanyards and portable memories.

The classes will be held under the supervision of trainers prepared for this project, teachers from schools in Przemyśl, who will work with young people, providing them with valuable tips and help in running their own virtual business. The purchased access to the Business Simulation system is also a system that reflects the real conditions of running a company based on algorithms and with the support of high-class economic tools.

The main goal of the project is to support young people in the process of improving the use of their knowledge, experience and creativity to develop entrepreneurship in the city of Przemyśl.

Scope of subject::
  1. Purchase of software - educational game Business simulations (14 annual licenses for 7 schools - two annual licenses for each school along with teacher training by the seller);
  2. Purchase of computers for the implementation of the project (for 7 secondary schools, a total of 70 computers);
  3. Remuneration of people conducting additional classes - educational game Business simulations;
  4. Teaching packages for students participating in additional classes educational game Business simulations;
  5. Prizes for the best players - participants of additional classes: educational game Business simulations.

The project will be implemented taking into account the Accessibility Standards for Cohesion Policy 2014-2020. It will meet the following accessibility standards: training, information and promotion and architectural. Information and promotional materials regarding the project will be prepared in an accessible manner using easy-to-read text. In the linguistic layer, simple syntax will be used, abbreviations and phraseological compounds will be avoided, and in the presentation layer, large fonts and appropriate colors will be used. Students taking part in extra-curricular activities will have the opportunity to report individual and special needs, which will be met to the greatest possible extent. The buildings where business planning classes for students will be held will be in buildings without architectural barriers. All students of grades 2 and 3 will have access to additional classes in business planning, regardless of the type of school (high school, technical school, vocational school). The project has a neutral impact on gender equality policy, and its products and results do not discriminate or perpetuate gender stereotypes in any way.

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