Command Center - Przemyśl Fortress (investment part)

Undertaking name::
Command Center - Przemyśl Fortress (investment part)
Project Description:

The Command Center will be built in the so-called pavilion on the ski slope and will offer services to those who want to visit the Przemyśl Fortress and learn about its history, presenting the period of the Great War. The project aims to use the tourist potential of the city of Przemyśl Fortress. The comprehensive development concept of the "Zniesienie" Hill will influence the development of the tourism industry. It will become an innovative museum solution that will also serve as a comprehensive base for tourist traffic, which will influence the economic development of Przemyśl based on the tourism industry and will result in the development of the hotel, catering and service industries.

Scope of subject::

Currently, the building is in an open shell state and in order to adapt it to a new function it is necessary:

  • Execution of construction works, installation of: electrical, photovoltaic, mechanical ventilation and air conditioning, central heating, hot and cold utility water, circulation, sanitary and technological, gas, water. – channels, telecommunications, - installation of an energy management system in the building (the system will have the functionality of monitoring and managing energy and heating systems located in in the building), - installation of a gas boiler room, - rainwater drainage, - installation of a passenger and goods lift, - insulation of external walls, - execution of finishing works,
  • Arrangement and furnishing of the building, including multimedia, exhibition equipment and furniture,
  • Construction of parking spaces next to the building, including spaces for disabled people

The designed building and land development will be implemented taking into account accessibility standards; architectural, digital and information and communication. Parking spaces for disabled people in front of the building will be provided in accordance with applicable regulations. Clear signposts and boards with visual elements indicating the direction of traffic will be installed in the parking lot. The building will be equipped with elevators for disabled people, accessible from the parking lot and will enable vertical communication between the two floors of the building and, among others, toilets for disabled people and a place with a changing table for mothers and children. Contrasting and convex elements will be introduced inside the facility for blind and partially sighted people. For people with sensory, intellectual and motor disabilities, exhibitions will be prepared using audio description, sign language translation, induction loops and appropriate information on accessibility. The development of the area and the facility will be available regardless of age, health condition, gender, physical and intellectual fitness, height and weight.

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