Social Activation Center (investment part)

Undertaking name::
Social Activation Center (investment part)
Project Description:

Creation of the Social Activation Center (abbreviation in Polish: CAS), which will be located at Słowackiego 13 Street. CAS will be run by the Municipality of Przemyśl through the President's Plenipotentiary for non-governmental organizations. The priority tasks will include supporting non-governmental organizations in obtaining financial resources, i.e. subsidies, grants, competitions and legal, accounting and administrative consulting. CAS will be a friendly place for all types of non-governmental organizations. Ultimately, CAS may function as an Incubator of Civic Initiatives. CAS will provide support for newly established associations, consultations and coaching. Given the housing problems that organizations face, it is important that some of them have their own permanent meeting place, duty place and headquarters. Associations whose headquarters will be CAS can conduct their activities in one place. Thanks to the creation of CAS, associations will be able to participate in initiatives and projects that will be more effective due to the involvement of a larger number of entities. Within its competences, CAS will conduct an information campaign as well as the promotion of public benefit activities and volunteering.

Scope of subject::

The scope of tasks under the project will include, among others:

  1. Construction works related to the adaptation of rooms for the Social Activation Center, 
  2. Purchase, delivery and installation of equipment for the needs of running the Social Activation Center

The planned project takes into account accessibility standards, especially in terms of:

  • architectural - the project assumes creating a place friendly to people with physical disabilities and seniors by locating the CAS in a premises without architectural barriers and publicly accessible;
  • transport - the planned CAS headquarters will be located in the city center with easy access to public transport;
  • information and promotion - CAS will conduct numerous PR campaigns addressed to various age groups, encouraging people to learn about the nature of its activities as well as encouraging residents and non-governmental associations to cooperate, socially activate and volunteer;
  • training - enriching and acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of: promotion, public relations, law, finance, settlement of projects and subsidies;
  • educational - enabling the development of individual knowledge of residents about public benefit; Due to the fact that there are approximately 200 public benefit entities registered in the city of Przemyśl, the educational offer will be multi-sectoral, i.e. the project will provide for an individual approach to various groups of entities (seniors, sports, cultural, social, veterans, etc.).
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