Academy of Neighborhood Inspiration (green relaxation zones) - non-investment part

Undertaking name::
Academy of Neighborhood Inspiration (green relaxation zones) - non-investment part
Project Description:


The project is closely related to the project titled “The strength lies in the local community (green relaxation zones).” It is planned to carry out public consultations regarding the designed square (consultations conducted with the residents of the City of Przemyśl in the form of an online survey) and two backyards (consultations conducted directly with the residents of the buildings surrounding the selected yards). The implementation of the project will allow for the development of a model for activating residents through joint development of backyards and will also improve relations between neighbors. Joint action of residents and city authorities will allow the release of the so-called higher-order integration in which residents identify with the city and feel responsible for its repair and development. Representatives of local communities and housing estate councilors, together with space development designers, will create friendly places for spending free time and integrating the local community.

Scope of subject::

The scope of tasks under the project will include, among others:

  • Preparation of design documentation for the development of 3 places (including: two courtyards and one city square), 
  • Exercising author's supervision over planned works, 
  • Construction of information boards, 
  • Making commemorative plaques.

The project will be compliant with architectural accessibility and universal design standards. The solutions used will not cause excessive effort during use and are available to people of various physical abilities, i.e. disabled people, wheelchair users, hearing impaired, intellectually disabled, elderly people, parents with a child in a stroller, pregnant women, obese people, short people or very tall, as well as people with temporary mobility limitations, such as: people with limb injuries who use walking frames or crutches.

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