The strength lies in the local community (green relaxation zones) - pilot project (investment part)

Undertaking name::
The strength lies in the local community (green relaxation zones) - pilot project (investment part)
Project Description:

Przemyśl, as a city with compact buildings and few recreational areas, is not a friendly place for its inhabitants. Due to the lack of proper development (damaged paved surfaces, lack of greenery or inappropriately selected greenery, lack of small architectural elements, etc.), local courtyards and squares are not attractive places to spend free time and establish neighborly relations. As part of the project, it is planned to create three green recreation zones on a pilot basis, including: two backyards and one city square. During the implementation stage of the task, residents will participate in planting the designed greenery, as well as in maintaining the effects of the project (taking care of order and ongoing maintenance of the greenery).

Scope of subject::

The scope of tasks under the project will include, among others:

  • land leveling, 
  • construction of alleys, 
  • planting trees, shrubs, flowers, laying lawns, 
  • installation of small architecture.

The project will be compliant with architectural accessibility and universal design standards. The solutions used will be available to people with various physical abilities, including: for: disabled people, wheelchair users, hearing impaired, intellectually disabled, elderly people, parents with children in wheelchairs, pregnant women.

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