Przemyśl hosts EMPIRIA - Joint Urban Development Network


On the 5th and 6th of October this year, the city of Przemyśl played host to representatives from the Union of Polish Cities and local government officials participating in the EMPIRIA project - the Network for Exchange of Experiences. This unique two-day gathering focused on a vital theme: the digitization of municipal services, transforming our lives into the digital realm.

Przemyśl hosts EMPIRIA - Joint Urban Development Network

The first day featured workshops that delved into the effective implementation of electronic systems and services in local government. Przemyśl served as an excellent example of successful implementations. Digital accessibility was a key concern, with Przemyśl, under the Przemyśl Smart Information System project, developing Urban Accessibility Standards. This means that 50 websites of public institutions are now accessible in a uniform standard.


Summarizing the first day, discussions revolved around assessing a city's readiness for life in the digital world, led by Mr. Szymon Ciupa, an expert from the Union of Polish Cities in the fields of Smart City and GIS.

The second day began with a meeting with the Mayor of Przemyśl, Mr. Wojciech Bakun, who expressed his gratitude for choosing the city as an inspiration for digital solutions. Next, Mr. Wojciech Pitura presented how modern technologies support the education of children and youth, using the example of Business Simulation in Education.

The study visit continued in the renovated underground route in Przemyśl, showcasing how technology can breathe new life into the city's history.

The meeting concluded with a summary led by Mr. Grzegorz Dudzik, an advisor for city partnerships at the Union of Polish Cities.

EMPIRIA - the Network for Exchange of Experiences, is a program implemented with the support of funds from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism for the years 2014-2021. Its aim is to build relationships and trust between cities participating in the "Local Development" program. The goal is for cities to shift from competition to cooperation, strengthening their competencies and skills.

The program promotes "Local Development," its objectives, and working methods, and allows cities to share their best practices. This is an excellent opportunity for learning and sharing experiences. Thanks to EMPIRIA, cities can better manage their development and communication, both within their structures and with external entities.

The long-term goal of EMPIRIA is for Polish cities to effectively benefit from the fruits of collaboration within the Network for Exchange of Experiences, enhancing their developmental and institutional potential, and becoming informed players in the digital age.

For more information about EMPIRIA, please visit the website at We invite you to explore the website to learn more about this fascinating initiative.


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