Urban Digital Accessibility Standards

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As part of the ongoing project "Changing Przemyśl Together," our city is entering another stage of implementing the "Przemyśl(any) System Informacyjny (PSI)" initiative. The current focus is on Urban Digital Accessibility Standards, aimed at ensuring easy access to information and services for individuals with special needs.

Urban Digital Accessibility Standards

The Urban Digital Accessibility Standards document is attached to this announcement and is also available on the project website "Changing Przemyśl Together." This comprehensive set of guidelines and practical recommendations will assist in creating content, websites, and mobile applications in line with digital accessibility principles.

Digital accessibility is crucial for individuals with special needs, including the visually impaired, hearing impaired, individuals with intellectual disabilities, and the elderly. It encompasses enabling the use of websites and mobile applications in a manner that considers diverse needs and facilitates full participation in social and economic life.

Why is digital accessibility so important? Firstly, it enables visually impaired and low-vision individuals to utilize technology by utilizing tools such as screen readers, text enlargement, and speech synthesizers. Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals can benefit from captions or sign language interpreters, while individuals with intellectual disabilities require simple and clear interfaces.

Digital accessibility not only facilitates daily functioning but also opens up new educational, professional, and social opportunities. Individuals with special needs have the right to equal chances and participation in society, and digital accessibility is a key factor contributing to the realization of this right.

The next stage of the "Przemyśl(any) System Informacyjny (PSI)" project involves developing graphic templates for websites and entity-specific sections of the Public Information Bulletin (BIP) for municipal units. These templates will be tailored to meet digital accessibility requirements, ensuring easier access to public information for all Przemyśl residents, regardless of their individual needs.

We encourage all entities, including Przemyśl residents, businesses, and private institutions, to utilize this document when constructing their own websites. Ensuring digital accessibility on their platforms is a step towards creating a more inclusive and user-friendly online environment for all users, regardless of their individual needs.

The publication of Urban Digital Accessibility Standards marks an important milestone within the "Przemyśl(any) System Informacyjny (PSI)" project, which aims to establish a comprehensive information system for residents. Przemyśl aspires to be a city where everyone has equal opportunities to access technology and participate in social life.

The "Przemyśl(any) System Informacyjny (PSI)" initiative is implemented as part of the "Changing Przemyśl Together" project, financed by external funds, with 85% coming from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the years 2014-2021, and 15% from the national budget under the Local Development program.

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