The second edition of the project Przemyśl is FOR BUSINESS is underway

logotypes of the project Together We Change Przemyśl

We would like to inform you that the second edition of the "Przemyśl is PRZE!-neurial" project is currently underway as part of the "Together we change Przemyśl" initiative. Similar to the first edition, participants are running virtual businesses in various industries, including 38 travel agencies, 4 hair salons, a beauty salon, 2 event agencies, a massage studio, a school store, 6 restaurants, a fitness club, 3 IT companies, 3 transportation companies, and a renovation company.

Infographic for information Przemyśl is Entrepreneurial

These virtual businesses are made possible through the use of innovative REVAS software. Each school has been provided with the appropriate number of licenses for students and teachers, as well as computer equipment and teaching materials to support young entrepreneurship.

The Business Simulation for various industries is a tool designed to teach entrepreneurship and business management. Within the simulation, participants make real business decisions by managing their virtual enterprise, such as creating job positions, hiring employees, setting wages, purchasing equipment, investing in traditional and online advertising, and establishing prices.

Throughout all editions, 800 young students from Przemyśl schools have participated in the project. In addition to the opportunity to use innovative computer tools, participants have received support in the form of teaching materials. We continue to cheer on these young entrepreneurs and hope that this will be a good start to their business careers after completing their education.

The second edition of the "Przemyśl is PRZE!-neurial" project will run until the end of the current school year.

The project titled "Przemyśl is ENTRE!-preneurial" is being carried out as part of the "Together We Change Przemyśl" project, funded by external funds, 85% of which come from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the years 2014-2021 and 15% from the state budget under the Local Development program.

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