Better understand risk management in projects

On Wednesday, May 18 this year. a dedicated training for the Team responsible for the implementation of the project "Together, we change Przemyśl" was held at the City Hall, the theme of which was risk management in projects. The training included both theoretical and workshop part, and its aim was to supplement the knowledge and practical skills of the participants in risk management in the context of real challenges for the city and the risk management procedure applicable in the city. The classes were conducted jointly by Katarzyna Śpiewok, Wiesława Kwiatkowska and Grzegorz Godziek - Advisors of the Association of Polish Cities. The project entitled “We are changing Przemyśl together” is implemented from external funds, 85% from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021 and 15% from the state budget under the Local Development program.

Infographic: the photo shows the training participants