The residents chose the square to be developed

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Ladies and gentlemen.

The vote on the selection of the square to be developed as part of the project We are changing Przemyśl, financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021, has ended.

494 people took part in the vote. The undisputed winner was the square at ul. Ratuszowa, gaining 49.6%, ie 245 of the total votes cast.

The next places are:

Visegrad Square at ul. Wodna (17.4% - 86 votes)
Square on Zniesienie near the Cross of Trust (15.6% - 77 votes)
The square at ul. Długosz (9.1% - 45 votes)
The area at the II Secondary School of General Education K. Morawski in Przemyśl (8.3% - 41 votes)
Thank you very much for voting. You will be informed on an ongoing basis about the implementation of works.

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Compiled by: Karol Wilk