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State Academy of Applied Sciences in Przemyśl - a public vocational institution founded in 2001 in Przemyśl. Initially, it existed under the name State Higher Vocational School, but in 2006, in accordance with a resolution of the Council of Ministers, it was transformed into the State Higher East European School, and later into the State Academy of Applied Sciences in Przemyśl.

In its original intent, it was established as a humanities institution, drawing on the oldest academic traditions of Przemyśl: the 15th-century chapter school with a rector appointed by the Krakow Academy and the 17th-century Jesuit college.

Openness to change led the university authorities to introduce an artistic program in 2006 - interior architecture, and in 2009, the first technical program - environmental engineering. In 2010, a second engineering program, mechatronics, was launched. Currently, the State Academy of Applied Sciences in Przemyśl offers education in several fields, including humanities, social sciences, medical sciences, technical sciences, and arts.

Currently, at PANS, you can study in the following fields:

Humanities: history, Polish philology, English philology;
Arts: interior architecture, graphic design (1st degree - bachelor's and 2nd degree - master's);
Social Sciences: sociology, international relations, cross-border security, cross-border relations (2nd degree - master's);
Engineering: business informatics, production engineering of cosmetics and supplements, mechatronics, safety and food production, transportation and logistics engineering, intelligent technologies (2nd degree - master's)* (NEW!);
Medical: nursing.
Contact Information for the Partner

State Academy of Applied Sciences in Przemyśl
ul. Książąt Lubomirskich 6
37-700 Przemyśl
Phone: 16 7355 100
Fax: 16 7355 101
Tax Identification Number (NIP): 795-22-13-669
National Business Registry Number (REGON): 651431983

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